One of our group members got sick from food poisoning during the summer. He recovered, but it was found out that he was allergic to many foods and substances. When asked for an idea for the Lenovo App Challenge, he concluded on the idea of making an app that displays a fast food restaurant’s menu and its allergens.

What it does

The app would be a general place where you can access menus from many restaurants and plan your meal ahead without thinking or suffering the worst on the spot.

How I built it

The team utilized MIT App Inventor, various photo and video editors, and Firebase to make Foodyndrome possible.

Challenges I ran into

  • Implementing a filter
  • Adding new features as Foodyndrome's code grew
  • Implementing many solutions to a problem to figure which works, while trying to manage time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Creating our first mobile app
  • Having our first database
  • Being able to learn new skills, such as managing a database and creating graphics

What I learned

  • Learning how to use MIT App Inventor
  • Relearning a few HTML attributes for text formatting
  • Learning how to use and access Firebase through MIT App Inventor
  • Learning how to use programs, such as photoshop, to create original graphics

What's next for Foodyndrome

  • Add more restaurants to Firebase
  • Add more to personalization (accounts, allergy filters, etc.)
  • Periodically add new features or rework existing ones
  • Receive feedback on Foodyndrome and improve accordingly

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