Have you ever had a food craving but couldn't decide what to eat? Or maybe you knew exactly what you were craving but just didn't know what was in the area. If either, or any case involving food, applies to you then Foody Slap is the tool for you! Our website provides users with the ability to quickly "slap" through food options using a leap motion sensor. You get a brief summary of nearby restaurants, supplied by Yelp, and if you decide that food option doesn't sound appealing, you can just slap it away. When you find a restaurant that you want to eat at, simply make a thumbs up sign above the leap sensor and the page will automatically redirect you to that restaurant's Yelp page where you can get more details about location and reviews. If you ever want to restart a deck, all you need to do is twirl your finger in a circular motion and it will begin the restaurant cards from the beginning. There is also a help popup which instructs users how they may use our website, complete with step by step photos. If you click on the top banner, a popup comes up with a funny video about Foody Slap. Short and simple, the video shows Foody Slap's founders during their journey as they created this tool.

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