Sometimes, we are unable to cook or want to try something new! Going out to a restaurant is always an option, but this isn’t always a healthy option. With Foody Family, people can try different foods that are homemade with passion and healthy ingredients!

What it does

Foody Family finds local chefs that host their home for consumers to dine in or pick up. Since it is local, it could be closer than going to a restaurant for some people. Food Family opens up opportunities for those who are unable to work outside their homes, such as mothers and the elderly!

How we built it

With Android Studio using Kotlin and xml.

Challenges we ran into

The layout of our application and the login and registration process. Because of those challenges, it delayed our plans to implement Google Maps and other settings into our application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The outcome, although it is unfinished. Majority of us did not build an android application before, so it took a while to get used to. Glad we made it as far as we did!

What we learned

Programming takes a long time and is definitely easier with more teammates helping! Designing is very time consuming, which we should have prioritized last.

What's next for Foody Family

To finish and completely implement the functions we planned to do!

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