We learnt that a lot of the fresh food that we see in grocery stores and farmers markets go to waste. All the food that is wasted could be used if people learnt how to efficiently use what they have and cook it properly.

What it does

Foody is an application that can take into account all the food and raw ingredients you own and provide suggestions on what to cook. We look at the freshness, quantity, and many other factors in order to recommend recipies. We also use crowd-sourcing to add new recipes to the app. This allows for the users to eat healthy home cooked meals along with helping the current issue with massive food waste.

How we built it

We used Objective-C in Xcode to write a simple demo app that will preform the basic functions of the app.

What's next for Foody

We want to make Foody compatible with IoT fridges that track the food items and its freshness order to make the system more autonomous. We also want to look into recipes generated by machine learning.

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