In this progressive society, we have the luxury to purchase food of any kind and quantity due to mass production. For this reason, we have forgotten the value and hard work required to cultivate this food. All those who produce and process food to make available for consumption play important role in preventing and reducing food wastage. FoodX will help restaurants, wedding halls, and common households sell their surplus food instead of wasting it, thereby fighting food to waste. Our motivation is to reduce food wastage worldwide(especially in Pakistan) so to create a world where food produced is food consumed. FoodX will let sellers to send surplus food at low cost to help people experiencing tough times. This app will also provide sellers the option to sell food free of cost to poor people so that the rate of people deprived of food is reduced.

What it does

It connects the sellers and the buyers with each other

How we built it

We are building it using android-studio, google maps, places, directions, Firebase database and Git VSTS

Challenges we ran into

Exploring firebase, Exploring VSTS and google API's

What we learned

No SQL Data Base, advance android, material design UX

What's next for FoodX

Its in development phase, we are looking forward to place this application online.

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