Cooking the same food every week as well as wastage of food that comes due to overbuying and lack of food recipes to cook from. So much food is wasted and very often, the onus falls on the individual to make the most out of the food that he buys. It isn't always easy to do this - many of us don't even remember what we have in our fridges. We aim to make this process of maximizing the food in your kitchen easier.

What it does

Food management by allowing users to interact with a chat bot to get recipes based on the food they have stocked, thus allowing users to maximize the food they currently have and reducing the need to buy extra food for a meal.

It is also able to suggest recipes based on diet restrictions and also track calorie count.

How we built it

Using react and google dialogflow api

Challenges we ran into

Finding a chatbot api to integrate into react webapp, there were a lot of apis for react native but very few for react

Accomplishments that we're proud of

getting the chatbot working, fully functioning app.

What we learned

to be adaptable and to be resourceful

What's next for Foodwise

Integrate a camera scanning feature to directly input food items from reciepts.

Built With

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