We are big proponents of online food ordering. For many users, we believe it will continue to be the primary solution. But for some, FoodWeasel will be a great option.


While ordering food online, users spend a lot of time scrolling through endless list of restaurants and menu options, looking for those that have the best ratings, that will deliver quickly and at a good price, and from which they can order everything they want all at the same time. What if, we could choose the restaurant for the user and place an order right away based on their direct input?


With FW, you just type or speak your order and where it should be delivered. The app takes this natural language input and converts it to a structured Delivery.com order. Rather than linearly searching between restaurants as a human would, it focuses on food items and figures out the best restaurant to place an order with. You have the option to make changes to individual items before the order is sent.


  • Are more interested in finding the food they want to eat than the restaurant they buy it from
  • Are often in a hurry
  • May not have access to or inclination to use a keyboard (e.g., if driving)


Say you’re in the mood for pizza and salad. With current online delivery sites you will likely be presented with dozens of restaurant menus (if not more). The tendency is to want to pick the best one, which takes time. Sometimes it turns into a research project, with a user trying to figuring out the best combination of distance, ratings, and prices. Then the shopping cart needs to be filled. With FW, just type (or speak) something like “1 large cheese pizza, 1 salad, 1 can diet coke”, and you’re done. We optimize for highest rated, closest, best priced restaurant.


(1) Wearable tech (such as smart watches, perhaps even Google Glass) will continue to grow. Being able to speak your order with these platforms will be very useful.

(2) Browser plug-ins for email clients - imagine being able to launch your Gmail compose window and quickly type your order, as above.

(3) Anywhere else you can type or speak text, you can now place a food order - twitter, SMS, etc.


Our team has deep NLP and AI experience (more than 12 years), and has developed special algorithms to accomplish what we are doing. With all the ways to describe an order, this is quite a challenge and is the part of the app we are most proud of, especially because it will keep learning and getting better. The engine is a self-tuning AI brain that has learned more than 300,000 food concepts (English language, for now) and learning more at a rapid speed.


(1) The app is currently coded to work for all cuisines. It will continue to evolve and learn and get better, but if we need to (based on user feedback) we will focus on fewer cuisines and add others over time.

(2) We have the words “powered by Delivery.com” on some pages. The app is not public yet (no one has access to it except for you and our team), and we can easily take those references down at your request.

(3) When you speak your order, say “next”, or “new line after each item. Right now you must tap in the address box before speaking your address. We will be adding more voice commands soon.

(4) We had to put a link to our website, foodweasel.com, for this submission, but nothing is developed for that yet.

Right now the app is limited to the following four delivery addresses:

  • 199 Water St, New York, NY 10038
  • 5 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142,
  • 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.. Washington, DC 20460
  • 135 Morrissey Blvd. Boston, MA 02125


(1) Easy to use food search powered by by NLP (Natural language processing) algorithms (2) Can reason and differentiate between 300,000 food concepts (brands, types of food, recipes, ingredients, toppings, sides and more). (3) Sort results by distance of restaurant, ratings, cost (all options not complete yet) (4) Big Data based self-learning search engine (5) Seamless integration with Delivery.com API to place order

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