Target Market: People trying to stick to a healthy diet. For example, body builders

Problem being solved: Healthy diet often consists of a repetition of the same healthy foods. The main goal of Foodventory iis to reduce the amount of work the user has to do. User does not have to create a list of groceries they need to buy or keep track of ingredients left to cook their healthy food

How the app solves the problem: Foodventory has a weekly schedule where each day contains food recipes user has chosen among multiple available healthy recipes. After user has set up their weekly schedule, Foodventory can get the list of ingredients and the quantity needed for the rest of the week. Foodventory will then automatically add items to the Amazon Fresh cart based on the schedule and the send a confirmation to the user. Once the user confirms, the order is processed and the weekly diet begins. After a week, Foodventory will send another cart confirmation based on the same plan. This means that all user has to do is confirm the cart weekly and they will be able to commit to one healthy diet with only a touch!

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