I bet you still remember the most delicious Vegetables you eat! Well that was the taste of high quality!

What it does

Our Capsule Sensor Device & A.I. Notification-based Cloud App helps farmers to enhance the Economy Scale of Food, by using A.I. technology to collect and analyze Real-time Data to the purpose of producing better, bigger & faster high quality vegetables!

How we built it

We design a Sensor with attached tank using Liquid Biochar to help farmers get real time data and take auto corrective action of the following quality check point: ph (acidic or alkaline) Temperature Humidity/water
Nutrition (Na, K, pH, Mg) illness/contaminated A tank attached to the sensors to supply the plant with 2- Nutrition Liquid Char tank (BioChar) Liquid Char helps your plants resist diseases and pathogens Increase soil water holding capacity Improve soil health as well as supporting microbial life and biodiversity 3- AI Model for collecting and analyzing data

Challenges we ran into

1- Big Agriculture Areas 2- Low quality food / taste 3- Lack of Corrective Action

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1- Data about each single plant 2- Enhance Quality standard 3- Prediction of harvested volume

What we learned

How to focus on Higher production volume, minimizing costs, sustainability Teamwork Management of Teck Skills

What's next for Foodtech

To have a functional device and app on the stores to every farmer to enhance ecosystem scale and high quality of food

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