Google Keep, Tinder, Chefkoch

What it does

The app allows users to manage their shopping lists and additionally select what they have already purchased (which represents the scanning of the barcode in reality). For curious users, we have also included the 'Recipe Browser', which offers Tinder-like functionality. Instead of searching for the perfect human counterpart, the user searches here for new favorite recipes.

How we built it

We used Google Flutter to create this project. This way, we are not constrained by Android, but can also publish the app to iOS and as a website.

Challenges we ran into

Due to time constraints and because we are only 2 programmers, we could not realize all the ideas we had, but only the most important ones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we have created a fully functional application with live API data that is actually retrieved from the Migros server. Also, we are currently having a lot of fun finding new recipes that we can cook ourselves using the Recipe Tinder functionality. We are also proud that our limited (wo)manpower has gotten us this far in implementing the app.

What we learned

How to use the Elasticsearch API inside Flutter and we also discovered some new Flutter widgets.

What's next for Foodster

Publishing it as a website and adding more features, like using more of the offered data (e.g. showing product regionality - 30% of the products in your cart are from Swiss, 10% from Austria, ...; a barcode scanner to scan products, ...).

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