Food traceability is a technical means to ensure food safety. Food safety issues have always been the focus of government and society. In recent years, food safety incidents have emerged one after another, causing social anxiety. It is particularly urgent to improve supervision and speed up the construction of a food safety traceability system. An objective database built with blockchain technology can ensure the credibility of information and build trust throughout the production line.

What it does

Footsteps provide food traceability with implementations of the Internet of Things.Before goods move to the next step of the production line, our quality inspectors will input information about the status of the goods into our database with the blockchain app. Once information is input, only managers with certain codes will be able to delete it, and there will be a record of delete. They need to file a fact sheet about this action for investigation purposes. After goods are delivered to our clients, a serial number will direct them to this website. In here they can see all information that has been input. With blockchain technology, information is added while passing through each node of the production line and cannot be edited after input. Before goods arrive at the shelf, we screen them based on these data and make sure the quality of the goods. Our clients will have detailed information about the whole production line. Once an investigation is needed for infection or contamination, all information can be pulled out for clients to track.

How we built it

We build this complete website by html, css, javascript, and bootstrap. We also used Atra to build our decentralized blockchain database.

Challenges we ran into

Trying to build blockchain database and creating an idea of tracking solution are the major challenges we ran into. As we have to do lots of task in 24 hours, which is a fairly short amount of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to build a database with blockchain technology which decentralized the information input process and made a complete website.

What we learned

How food traceability will enhance food safety and how blockchain technology will be able to decentralize all information to each step's providers and retailers in order to provide credibility of data input.

What's next for FoodSteps

Goods will be carried in cargo boxes with sensors that keep track of temperature, humidity, mold risk and automatically send data into blockchain when passed receptive doors when it leaves each step of the supply chain. Once implemented, the process of inputting information will be fast and objective. Information is inputted block by block and cannot be altered. All consumers will be able to get access to the set of data of their goods.

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