We learned that about 40% of food gets wasted. We wanted to solve this issue which has a serious impact on the environment, and our future generations.

What it does

Our iOS app has three main parts: 1) The Expiration Scanner We used a vision iOS api to code the expiration scanner of our app. The expiration scanner allows the user to take a picture of their expiration label, which is then converted into text and saved. In the future, we plan to have it notify the user when to use their items before it expires.

2) The Grocery Recommender We used a ML Model to code this part. Based upon how much a user buys a certain item, we make a list of items they might need to buy throughout the week. We plan to have it send notifications to the user about when they should buy the items.

3) The Login Screen We used Firebase to take care of the data and authentication of the login and sign up process.

How we built it

We built our app using SwiftUI and Xcode. We also implemented Firebase to store the data of the sign and login screen. We trained MLKit to find the common patterns in the user's schedule of buying grocery items.

Challenges we ran into

After 4 hours of coding, Sanchitha's laptop broke, and it stored a lot of the code. This gave us a huge setback and we had to redo all the code we lost.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of finishing our app despite this huge setback. We were able to implement Machine Learning, and we were able to authenticate and store data using Firebase, both for the very first time. We also are proud of the overall UI and aesthetic of our app. In addition, we feel proud that we were cooperate and work as a team.

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