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This cold winter, we've seen too many people without homes brave the bitter cold in search of food. We've also seen countless restaurants just trash their leftover food. Foodship aims to connect homeless shelters with these restaurants. Either party can look for nearby shelters/restaurants at the touch of a button. This way, no one is trudging through the ankle-deep snow, from door-to-door looking for restaurants/homeshelters.

What it does

Foodship allows for restaurants to get connected to a nearby homeless shelter and vice-versa. Via the Postmates API, Foodship will then ship food from the restaurant to the shelter.

How it was built

We are hosting a database of restaurant information that the restaurants have submitted. When the homeless shelters go to our website, we fetch the information for them. If they find an entry that fits with them, they can order the food, and the website brings all the information to Postmates API to trigger an on-demand deliver.


We only came up with this idea 5 hours into hacking. As inexperienced freshmen, most of us were working with web hosting and databases for the first time. Most of us self-studied Ruby, MySQL, and PHP while hacking. We wasted a lot of time dealing with poorly-documented APIs only to drop them. One bug in particular that showed up in the last minute is we found that we cannot use single quotes in the MySQL commands for there could be apostrophes in the user’s input.

What we learned (for the first time in our lives) at PennApps

Ruby, MySQL, Web hosting, PHP

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