FoodShare is a food bank donation inventory data monitoring and visualization web app. The inspiration came from the experience of one of our team members while he was volunteering at a youth center. The youth center he was volunteering at received a lot of food donations, but some of it gets wasted due to receiving too much of a certain good that does not match to the amount of demand or storage space. With this in mind, the group thought of creating a solution that helps donors and food banks track the inventory of food donations so that food resources could be appropriately provided or re-allocated to maximize the benefits for those who are in need and minimize the waste of precious food.

The application uses a firebase database to manage food banks and their respective inventories. On top this, the application also enables you to visualize the inventory data in the form of graphs to assist with food donation decision-making. In addition, it also assists with donation re-allocation between food banks. We hope this software will enable food banks to be more effective in helping the less fortunate.

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