The lack of nutritional accessibility and food education in lower income communities around the world inspired our team to develop a simple yet impactful solution. Through active participation and friendly relationships, we see neighborhoods being the facilitators to healthy living habits. By providing them with the right tools to stay connected and share information, our platform hopes to inspire neighborhoods to share resources and time in a way that ultimately benefits all participants.

What it does

The goal of this tool is to increase nutritional accessibility in communities classified as "nutritional deserts", and enhance community infrastructure by bringing people together through food. We believe that such a gathering can foster companionship and support in local communities. The platform is modular, with minimal barriers to use. Furthermore, we included "low-tech" approaches to expand accessibility even further. Users need only to enter their zip code, and our app will help them connect with other users based on their location, food interests, eating restrictions, and organize a safe "meal-prep" event for users in local communities to participate in!

How we built it

We used the Google Cloud Platform, MySQL, Apache HTTP Server and PHP to support our databases and virtual machines, JavaScript and Google Maps APIs to implement our geolocation services, and HTML/CSS to develop the front end of our web application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were proud of delivering a functional, useful, and impactful app that is accessible and easy to use by our targeted demographic.

What we learned

When it comes to coding, problems will naturally arise. It can be tempting to compromise our vision, but by pushing through we were able to either solve or circumvent the challenges that we ran into. We learned that when trying to address a technological healthcare issue especially, it is critical to first consider the socioeconomic impacts of your app on the targeted demographic before the overall scope of the app should even be considered.

What's next for FoodShare

We look forward to scaling this app so that it will be accessible globally.


Website is down for now, but will be back up shortly!!

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