FoodShare is a web application targeted towards hungry, poor college students and lets them find and eat cheap, homemade meals cooked by other people. We believe that sharing food, cuisines, and bringing intellectual minds together is a great way to learn about other cultures, meet brand new people, and leave with a happy stomach.

Users can search for meals nearby, which will be displayed on a map. Although the specific location is not displayed until their reservation is confirmed, for safety reasons, you can see the general location of where it will take place. Users can filter their search to best fit their needs, such as by distance, price, cuisine type, and rating.

Users can learn more about the specifics of when the event will take place and what is being served. Additionally, they can read about reviews of a certain user from previous events. They can also click on a user's profile to learn more about them and the events they had or will have.

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