Food is one of the most essential needs. It is like water or air. However, millions of people still do not have a reliable access to food. Right now the US is facing the highest unemployment rate since the great depression. 20 million Americans are unemployed. 37 million people in the US are food insecure. And 11 million of those are children.

There are many organizations that are trying to solve this problem however we wanted to make this personal so, we are proud to behold foodSeek.


We learned to use Socket.IO, build a map page with a marker system, we learned how to use MongoDB as our backend database.


We built this web app using multiple different frameworks and libraries such as React.JS for our frontend, MongoDB and Express.JS for our backend, Socket.IO for our real time chat feature, React-Leaflet for our maps. We used JSONWebToken for our authentication.


We live in all different time zones. A lot of us were new to Hackathons. One of us, Aakarsh did not know anything about web development, he came from a iOS background so he learnt everything as we went. A lot of the technology we used were challenging to use and implement.

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