We are international graduate students who have just come to Dartmouth. Having a very hectic academic schedule to follow, we have no time to cook food for ourselves. Further we are not that insistent on spending large sums of money on food from restaurants outside. In the initial weeks we had to attend a lot of orientation meetings which provided a lot of free food for us thereby saving us the trouble of having to find food. Over time we have come to understand the power of free food within the campus and how searching for free food is a integral part of graduate student life. But finding free food in this large campus is very difficult and students have to dig a lot to get them. As the saying goes 'Necessity is the mother of invention', we decided to empower graduate students with technology to find free food within the campus.

What it does

-App to find free food within the campus. -Most of the information is available online to students. -But hidden beneath all the pages of the university. -Student has no time to look at it or search for it. -Students forget the information.! -foodRoach to the rescue. -Inspired by the mighty cockroach which can find food anywhere.!

How I built it

  • We basically crawl the Dartmouth events website.
  • Perform fuzzy search using Algolia.
  • Rails app provides a REST API for the android app
  • The android application accesses the REST API provided by the rails app and communicates with the Microsoft Band.

Challenges I ran into

Geo-Encoding not accurate enough. Our own fuzzy search for geo-encoding. 3 major platforms – Smart Phones, Smart Band, Web Application No accurate data source for Hanover available.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Deploying to mobile, microsoft azure and the microsoft band! Implementing mobile app, smart phone application, Ruby on Rails, and NodeJS, and solving a real time problem for Dartmouth Students!

What I learned

Value of time Teamwork Divide and Conquer How to handle pressure, adrenaline rush Not drink too much caffeine Solving realtime problems with an organised thought process How difficult geo-encoding is (Especially in NH) No events happen in NH (At least on Meetup) :( Integrating Smart phones with cloud, and smart bands, to deployment (All done and decided on the fly!)

What's next for FoodRoach

Share the free food.!! – Goal of reducing food wastage ☺ ☺ Add more institutions under the umbrella. Public domain search. Crowd sourcing and ratings – Share the love.!

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