To reduce wastage of food

What it does

It takes the user's physical features such as height, weight, sex and age into account and calculates the amount of calories required per day based on what activities the user plans on doing

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Combining measurements of BMI and BMR and finding a formula that accurately charts the values for different ages

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being a beginner in programing, this helped me understand that the beauty in the architecture of ever program stems from a simple yet sturdy logic that acts as a foundation.

What I learned

In the US we waste almost 30-40% of our food supply, we are in a scenario where we need to value every morsel of food to its weight in gold. If we're smart with how and what we consume, we can beat 10 apocalypses.

What's next for FoodRationer

I would like to incorporate a list of food items and the calories they produce and the user could look enter in the ingredients he/she has and the program would supply 2[or more] kinds of food the user could consume[As in levels of severity of the food shortage i.e, more food supply = greater calorie intake] Another feature that could be integrated is listing supplies in local grocery outlets and helping provide a cap on food supplied to an individual[or family, if user is a part of a family]. - But this would only serve in extreme scenarios.

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