Are you living on your own? Have you ever been to a situation where you think about what you're going to have for tomorrow dinner? If so Foodr can come in handy!

Normally most food apps calculate your calorie after you enter your food choice. Our App, Foodr, gives you food recommendations based on the amount of calories your body should consume on a daily basis if you don't want to gain weight, which is calculated by your height, weight, and age. The app will give you recommendations for a whole day and even for the entire week, if you like of course, so you don't have to think about what to make for the next meal. Just do it! You can plan it out manually or randomly. We implement a variety of food and they come with recipes!!! Foodr will help you establish a healthy living style and make your life much easier by offering the healthiest food choice and even a stress free life when it comes to food.

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