The FoodPrint is the impact you leave on the earth as a result of food and food-related waste. According to the EPA: food and packaging/containers account for almost 45% of the materials landfilled in the United States. Many of these boxes are made up of styrofoam, a non-renewable resource that decomposes poorly and hurts our health. This waste therefore has adverse consequences not only in our communities but also to our communities' health.

Our initiative helps to reduce our FoodPrint by providing reusable to-go boxes at local, healthy vendors to promote community growth and health initiatives. Consumers will receive points for every purchase they make using our FoodPrint eco-boxes and can redeem them for various discounts and prizes that the vendors choose. Vendors will be able to have a high retention rate for consumers and reduce their overall impact as well. These boxes can be reused many more times than traditional boxes, and are also not made up of styrofoam, which can leak toxins into our foods.

The creators of FoodPrint have backgrounds in Biology, Environmental Studies, Business, and Information Systems, allowing them to create a product truly able to make an impact on the communities around them. Join us and erase your FoodPrint. Reduce, reuse, and reward yourself with our service today!

If you'd like more information, check out our slideshow for more research, background, and a demo video of our app.

Rewards system actually updates according to 'clicks' or theoretical scanned visits! Visit for a prototype for our app and either use the QR code inside the app and select 'Lucky Gay' to see the current points bar go up or click for an automatic scan. You can watch the rewards bar go up as Mary Jane/Lucky Gay theoretically uses our product!

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