We realised that in our day to day life we all have a huge impact on carbon emissions and that it starts with our everyday purchases. We all have criteria when we choose food but we don't always think of the planet impact because : we don't know what we don't know ! We want to make this information available at any time to all daily food consumers.

What it does

FoodPrint is a web page and app that gives you live information on the product you consume. You can look for food you are about to buy or consume and understand their carbon footprint. You can also retrieve you shopping history and see your weekly or monthly carbon footprint associated. This can help you make better choice. You are also connected to your community, you can see what your friends impact is and yours and enter a challenge or maybe a competition !

How we built it

We created a website and an app to track carbon footprint on food products.

Challenges we ran into

We faced some challenges to obtain the data on the carbon emission for the individual products. We also learnt to work as a team from different backgrounds.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have engaged with consumers and heard their feedback We built a funny video that demonstrate our tool.

What we learned

Start with Why first Iterate and refine your idea permanently Information about key organisations acting on topics like carbon footprint emissions. We have learnt more from partner from this event.

What's next for FoodPrint

We want to partner with WWF to help obtain data from existing organisations. We want to build an app and leverage Facebook community to start the movement. We want to partnership with supermarkets and make them carbon neutral.

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