The desire to save our friend's time and money while also allowing them to get hot food on time! You no longer have to pay the price for two meals in order to get one delivered!

What it does

It allows a person going to a restaurant to buy and deliver to a their friends and get incentivized for it.

How We built it

We made an iOS App, with a Python backend that integrates Square and Twilio's API using rapid API. We use a simple intuitive form to collect orders & payments from friends. Payments are processed by Square. Once a user gets to a restaurant, our app shows them of all the confirmed orders. Twilio facilitates communication and notifications once orders are ready and the user is back from the restaurant!

Challenges I ran into

Effectively cumulating orders in real-time, communication between frontend and backend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

With our platform, we are able to reduce the food delivery cost by half! We also offer a creative and intuitive experience for a user willing to deliver food to their friends while also getting paid for it

What I learned

Integrating Twilio and Square's APIs, backend API documentation, interfacing python and sqlite.

What's next for foodPool

We plan to extend the app and make the payment process more seamless and allow integration outside of email.

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