We started this project with the desire to eat better and save more; a goal we believe everyone can share. As college students we've often wondered what to do with that odd bell pepper at the bottom of the fridge. Or how to salvage that stray salmon that's been sitting there for a day too long. Studies show that Americans waste 30-40 percent of their food supply; for those living paycheck to paycheck-- or better yet-- those of us who would be glad to get a paycheck, this is a luxury we wish we could afford! Likewise, for those who are newer to the culinary field but strapped for cash, venturing into an ocean of recipes can be a daunting ordeal. For these reasons, FooDoo searches for recipes based on what is convenient and readily available to users, rather than forcing would-be chefs to accommodate the recipes. We hope that, by providing accessible recipes, FooDoo will help reduce food waste and encourage users to plan their meals around a greater variety of foods!

What it does:

FooDoo helps individuals find recipes based on the ingredients they have on hand or would like to use. Users input a list of ingredients, which FooDoo uses to parse a database of recipes. Recipes are then displayed, such that those with the greatest similarities to user inputs are listed first. Users are free to browse the provided list and select a recipe; they can also return to the homepage to begin another search.

How we built it:

As someone who is still really new to CS it still seems like black magic but I'm told that we:

Challenges I ran into:

Sam: As someone who knows jack squat about coding, trying to learn JS was a real headache(literally). As a team of four, we delegated tasks between frontend and backend. During most of the hackathon, the two sides were mostly separated, giving us a lot of pressure to make it all come together at the end. Using Firebase was one of the biggest barriers to this project since we're all quite new to databases. Using React was also a challenge for the frontend designers as well, but we gradually got the hang of it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Sam: I developed the idea behind FooDoo and wrote the devpost, tried my hand and failed at some coding, then watched my group. Mission accomplished. We're just proud that we did something fun and not entirely useless.

What we learned:

Given the relative inexperience of our group, we spent a good portion of our working time learning how to interface with API's (for those working on the back-end) and how to code in JavaScript (front-end).

What's next for FooDoo: Make Magic: Due to the timeframe of the project (around 24 working hours) we were unable to include as comprehensive a database as we would have preferred. Likewise, we were unable to include several quality of life features such as the ability to sort by serving size, by time needed for preparation, and by foods' ethnic backgrounds. We would like to incorporate these functions in a future edition of the project.

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