Everybody needs food, so why wasting it when someone might need it? With our FoodNow! project we plan to make it easier to the food industry and individuals who may have mistaken orders (yeah, waiters or cooks make mistakes on their dishes), leftovers or food products to sell them for a discounted price or donate them to people in need.

What it does

Businesses in the food industry or individuals who want to donate food in a city can register to our service to offer their food.

People who are looking for food can download our app and by using geolocation it will alert them of restaurants nearby where they can get the food from.

How we built it

The project consists of our backend that uses TomTom's API's to get a city name and coordinates of a registered property.

The mobile app connects to such API and sends its coordinates and that's how it determines if there are restaurants nearby that offer food.

Challenges we ran into

Getting familiar with TomTom's API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting closer to a solution that helps with food waste

What we learned

Use TomTom's API to get coordinates, locations and to know all the possibilities TomTom API's offer us.

What's next for FoodNow!

Finish some functionality we need to add

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