When we see food, we eat it. We don't think about the nutrition content, especially if the facts are not available. However, everyone carries their phone. Thus, we decided to create a mobile/online compatible web app that allows individuals to take pictures of food and identify the nutrition facts associated with that food. This allows for more informed eating decisions, thus leading to healthier lifestyles.

What it does

Take a picture of the food.

How we built it

Computer Vision API identifies all components within the food. SQL server and backend filters the components and outputs an array with just foodstuffs. A nutrition API is then called on the keywords to display the relevant nutrition facts to facilitate effective decision making. This is all done on a user friendly interface designed with Figma UI, Bootstrap, CSS.

Challenges we ran into

We do not know anything about Javascript, SQL, Machine Learning, or Microsoft Developer tools. The learning curve was relatively steep and it was difficult to get things started.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made something that was demo-able.

What we learned

Microsoft is great tool with lots of APIs so we can do anything!

What's next for FoodMe

Train the data better. Make our own Machine vision API by trianing machine with custom food item pictures. Segment nutrition facts. Identify separate food items in combination foods. Make system more efficient by having everything run on the backend.

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