Hurricane Harvey greatly impacted the Houston Area. Our team personally felt its effects. One of the effects was going to a grocery, standing in long line for hours, and finding out that shelves were empty. On many social sites there were reports of inventory at groceries. To help alleviate this problem we have created a web app that helps you

What it does

Foodme provides a map of stores that could be filtered by proximity and wait time. Once you click a grocery store in the map, inventory details and wait time is shown. It also allows the crowd to report food availability of essentials in inventory.

How we built it

angular. js aws webservice mysql

Challenges we ran into

Most of team lacked experience with full stack development. Luckily, Bryant was able coach us in a short time and lead the development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Functioning minimum viable product that met our requirements.

What we learned

We learned how to create a fully functioning web application and work synergistically.

What's next for Foodme

If given good feedback, we will continue building the app so that includes more essentials items and data from grocery chains.

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