We want to solve the problem of household food waste while also combating malnutrition in Australia as a team. Every year, 7.6 million tonnes of food are lost or wasted in Australia, although 70% of this food is still perfectly edible. In the last year, one in every six Australian adults has gone hungry. FoodMag connects households with leftover food from the week, such as unopened cans, cartons of milk, and bread, with those in need of food. FoodMag gives those who don't have food the ability to choose what they want to eat or make with FoodMag's food. FoodMag offers an easy-to-use platform where users can enter their location and search for nearby FoodMag users who have food to share.

We present to you our MVP which illustrates the basic outline of what the website will do. The MVP website is created using CakePHP.

Furthermore, our UI design depicts the graphic version of our MVP and what we hope it will look like. The tool Figma was used to create the design. Furthermore, the UI makes it simple for customers to use the design by typing in keywords or selecting from a drop-down menu of options.

Our team believes in the importance of our website and the assistance it will provide to the millions of people who will benefit from it.

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