FoodLoop - Tinder for local food

Entry for Startup Weekend NYC Food Edition 2014


This was the Shaan's idea suggested during Friday night.

What it does

The solution consists of two parts: The smartphone app and the backend API.

The smartphone app allows users to see restaurants in their area - by food pictures alone. The user swipes right 5 times and then selects the food they like the most. Then they will be show the restaurant and be able to book a reservation, request delivery, phone the restaurant or send a friend this restaurant.

They will also be able to save this restaurant in their favorites.

The backend API has a list of all restaurants (currently over 20,000) in the NYC area, with food pictures and locations for each restaurant.

How we built it

This mobile application was built with the sweet Ionic Framework (Angular.js/JavaScript/CSS/HTML5) and uses the Java and MongoDB for authentication and cloud data storage.

Live Demos

Apple iPhone and any Android smartphones (or tablets) can run the mobile FoodLoop app from the free Ionic View app (available on "the App stores"), using the preview code: c087205a

And the latest APK for Android phones can be found here:

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