A report cited in the CSR journal made a rather startling revelation that Indians waste as much food as the entire United Kingdom consumes. This is quite shameful for a country like ours, where one out of every five persons is below the poverty line. The agriculture ministry even reported that Rs 50,000 crore worth of food produced is wasted every year in the country. Despite being an agriculture-dominated country, it is disheartening to know that food is wasted at such a large scale. Therefore, to tackle this solution we came up with an idea of collecting left over or waste food from various resources like restaurants, hotels etc. Food collected will be accumulated at collection centres from where these food items will be dispatched to various industries for energy resource generation like bio diesel, fertilizers, manure, etc.

We built this application in android studio using java, azure and google maps api. Our application backend is hosted on Microsoft Azure platform.

Right from thinking the idea to ending up with the final product, we faced various challenges throughout this journey. Formulating the idea and measuring various factors like feasibility, whether the idea is practical or not, laying out a proper business plan, target audience etc. were some the major challenges that we faced.

Azure services were new to us so we had to get familiar with its API's and database.

Finally, after approximately 24 hours of coding we landed up with our final product.

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