We got inspiration from ourselves as we all in the team are a foodie. We built this application so that all the foodies can come to this platform and view recipes of different dishes and also they can add their own recipes by which they can contribute to the platform and help it grow.

What it does

Foodism application had different menus where the name of the dish along its recipe is added. Foodies can contribute to the platform by adding dishes and their own recipes.

How we built it

The application is web-based. Front-end:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Bootstrap


  1. PHP


  1. CockroachDb

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge we faced was the installation and configurations of CockroachDb. We also faced challenges while inserting data using CockroachDb.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The accomplishments that made us feel proud is that we developed this platform for all the foodies who can visit and find recipes to make any dish or they can contribute by adding dishes.

What we learned

We have learned a lot more about web development. We also have learned how to make websites responsive. We also learned about a completely new database which is CockroachDb. The very important part we learned is about working in a team.

What's next for Foodism

We are planning to add a couple of features such as the foodie can also add a video regarding the whole dish. We are going to work on the cross-platform part of the application so that our application will run on all the devices.

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