Finding the right food for kids and motivating them to eat healthy is often a challenge. We wanted to build a companion who helps parents and motivate kids to look at food from a different perspective.

What it does

Foodino is an online platform, which interacts with the kids, answers questions about food and teaches kids facts about food in an entertaining way. Foodino allows monitoring the nutrition of the foods the child eats - and allows analyzing them, to give better food suggestions for the kids and their parents.

How we built it

We integrated with:

  • Google vision - to allow classifying food.
  • NDB (Nutrition database) to get the nutritional factors of the food.
  • Watson conversation - to allow interacting with the child.

Challenges we ran into

  • Missing documentation in several of the APIs we used.
  • Creating the landing page was a new field that we needed to face and learn in a very short time, while still producing results which demonstrate how much we believe in this product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything! We were able to create an MVP in a very short time. Our project includes many of the features we intended it to have in the design phase. Amazing team work!

What we learned

  • Working under a lot of pressure.
  • Got acquainted with new APIs.
  • Many facts about kids nutrition.
  • The level of knowledge kids have on this area (Did you know that most kids don't know how pineapples grow?)

What's next for Foodino

Integrating Foodino in today's personal assistants (such as Cortana \ Google Now \ Alexa \ Siri \ Bixby) will add a big value to the child sector and allow the interested children to understand better the world we live in today. With emphasis on keeping the child health from a young age Foodino will allow a healthier, better and happier life.

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