We got our inspiration from the countless calorie tracking apps. First of all, there isn't a single website we could find that tracked calories. There are a ton of apps, but not one website. Secondly, None of them offered recipes built in. In our website, the user can search for food items, and directly look at their recipes. Lastly, our nutrition analysis app analyses any food item you've ever heard of.

What it does

Add food you eat in a day, track your calories, track fat%, and other nutrients, search recipes, and get DETAILED info about any food item/recipe.

How we built it

Html, min.css, min.js, js, were planning on using deso/auth0 for login but couldnt due to time constraints.

Challenges we ran into

We initially used react, but couldn't make the full app using react since we used static html to interact with the food apis. We also had another sole recipe finder app which we removed due to it being react only. Integrating the botdoc api was a MAJOR challenge, since we had no prior experience, and had no idea what we were doing basically. A suggestion to the BotDoc team would be to add demo apps to their documentation/tutorials, since currently theres literally nothing available except the documentation. The api is quite unheard of too as of now.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making the website working, and getting it up and running using a github pages deployment

What we learned

A LOT about botdoc, and refreshed our knowledge of html, css, js.

What's next for Foodify

Improving the css firstly lol, right now its REALLY REALLY BAD.

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