The ideation process was driven by food, and an easier way to come up with what to cook.

What it does

 This app is a fresh new solution to an age-old problem. When searching for recipes, people who live in countries who use the metric system can't read recipes that are written in the customary system, and vice versa! Our app lets users search for any recipe they wish, displays the most popular result, and allows users to convert all the ingredients from one measuring system to the other. In addition, it displays any food allergens and dietary restrictions and offers substitutions so that users know what to expect when following a recipe.
 The website is a tie-in to our app. It also allows users to find popular recipes and submit their own. The submitted recipe goes through our sponsors and the sponsors can choose which recipe they like the best to display on our app and webpage.

How we built it

 We used MIT app inventor, python, and flask to develop our app. In addition, we used weebly to design our website.

Challenges we ran into

While at first we wanted to build a platform similar to Instagram but for food, we soon realized that it would be more beneficial to have an app that converts between measuring systems to allow for greater sharing and connectivity between cooking enthusiasts around the world. We decided to pivot our concept halfway through the night, but it turned in our favor because now we have an even stronger concept.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team we discovered what we could and couldn't do and learned much from discovery. While at first our team was scattered, we soon found each other and developed an app to the best of our own unique abilities. We're really proud of our growth and how much we learned in 24 hours.

What we learned

We learned the benefits of using an app inventor to quickly prototype our app and test out concepts. We also learned a lot about web development, using APIs, and the pros and cons of different programming languages.

What's next for Foodiezy

We want to have a much more complex UI that integrates our sponsors recipes and allows for greater user connectivity. We plan on developing our app so it is more aesthetically pleasing to our users and expanding our recipe collection to a larger database. We also want to make users submit their own recipes directly on our app so we can grow our database of recipes even more.

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