We wanted to tackle one of the social issues a country, our country is dealing with in a kid-friendly and safe manner, so we made a simple cooking game that offers is healthier food options to customers. As entry-level game design students, we thought a game would be a favorable way of displaying our progress through the workshops in a simple yet elegant manner.

What it does

In the game, the player is a local restaurant owner and he is inside the kitchen. Inside the kitchen, he is able to create healthier food options in comparison to the choices that the customers were to make were they implemented. The overall goal was to show that owners such as the player in the game are able to affect the health of the people around them and that better choices in the diet will assist in the obesity epidemic.

How I built it

The project was built in unity using C-sharp within visual studio. On top of this, all sprites were made through spreadsheets on Photoshop.

Challenges I ran into

Time. We are very ambitious in what we wanted to do but we were unable to get all of it done due to time constraints. If we were to do so again we would manage her time a lot better and then doing so produce an even more quality product.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got most of the kitchen mechanics working such as cooking and cutting food And fusing it together to make our final product dishes such as a hamburger or a pizza, but healthier.

What I learned

I learn to utilize plenty of new mechanics inside the unity IDE as well as create sprites using Photoshop software and collaboration amongst many peers.

What's next for AngelHacks

We would like to cover another Social issue in the form of the game for our next AngelHacks would come in as more experienced coders and developers to produce something even greater than what we created now.

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