is an app that enables utilizing local crowdsource food that usually cannot be saved due to social norms barriers.


Two of the top courses of food waste is those who have cooked or ordered extra food from restaurants or for functions. It is very hard to donate extra catered food especially since organizers do not realize how much extra food is left until the last minute and it would be very inconvenient at the time to properly give it away.

What it does

Hayyakom connects those who () to the local community around them. It enables a safe and fast way to connect local (within 5 km) people to

How we built it

We built the form end with : HTML5, ORM, GoogleAPI, Node.Js, postgis We built the backend with:

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we are proud of

Our platform actually works. You can submit and share your food, photos.

What we learned

We can save food from waste

What's next for Hayyakom

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