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Due to the tremendous amount of food waste in the world every year, we were determined to create an application using technology to help people make better decisions with food leftovers. Introducing Foodie. Foodie uses a database and a sorting algorithm to give users personalized recipes they can make with their leftover foods. Just check which leftover foods you have, and foodie auto generates great recipes that will put your leftovers to good use and help you reduce your food waste. We also have an entire section of the application dedicated to educating users on all the benefits of reducing food waste and eating healthy with vegan recipes.

Why Foodie?

Foodie was made with the customer in mind. It is a very fast web application, without any bloated code or crazy distracting effects. It is a fully responsive website made to be user-friendly and approachable by anyone. Because of it's friendly user interface and ease of use, Foodie is very accessible to a large user audience and a very impactful solution to dramatically reduce food waste.

What are you waiting for? Start reducing your food waste NOW with Foodie!

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