There are so many dating apps but there is no app to find a person just to go on a dine with when we are alone. So this idea gave us the inspiration to make one on our own

What it does

It builds a user profile and takes his location, Cusine preferences, and other details, and based on this information it finds a perfect foodie-partner with whom it can go on dinner. It also provides an option to find the best restaurants nearby.

How I built it

We built this application using scripting languages to make its front-end with which user can interact and on the back-end, these details go into a Statistical ML Model to find similarity density so that it can find the perfect match based on Cuisine Preference, Location and have dumped the model into pickle file for faster execution. We have made out dataset dynamic by continuously updating the details when a user update his cuisine preferences. This ensures that we have valid and new data. To add a restaurant suggestion feature we have used API to convert its location into latitude and longitude and then find the distance and then Zomato API is used to find the ratings so that we can get the best options.

Challenges I ran into

It was challenging to find a perfect approach and make a Statistical Model for our use-case. To find and learn to use API To connect pages with different tech-stack To move data between various pages and models and Database.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are really proud upon the way the project took a shape and how we were able to use the analogies from various models in our project.

What I learned

Each Member of the team learnt new things based on the task we did. Sarthak:- He learnt in-depth about the recommendation systems, their functionality and how we can relate other use-cases with ours. Prachi:- She learnt to make responsive web pages and more about Flask and on how it can be used o connect various webpages. Tania:- She worked on the API's for the first time and learnt about using them is the best way possible. Neha:- She learnt HTML and CSS properties.

What's next for Foodie partners

We are planning to add chat API so that the user can connect with ease.

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