We were inspired by a workshop about raising awareness in the real cost of food. Food is a part of our life and we cannot live without eating but not everyone knows about the whole process of food production. We have a lot of food waste everyday and agriculture generates CO2 emissions everyday. If we don't act on this now, maybe, it is too late to fix our mistake. For us, young generation and youth are the future of the world. We need to do something to make them aware of this issue. Therefore, our app is a fun app for youngsters to choose what they should eat today to make a contribution in saving Earth. Not only that, our app is an entertaining way to solve daily problem "What should we eat today?" The whole app is designed following the gamification concept to providing a reward using the application.

We hope that through our app, we can help youngsters tackle their daily problems and get them in a habit of choosing ingredients that are more ecological when selecting or cooking meals.

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