We were inspired by the ease of use of Tinder. We want to integrate that for grocery shopping.

What it does

Foodie goodie is an app that suggests recipe, users simply swipe right for options and click “o” for the list of ingredients.

How we built it

We quickly dived into researching possible ways to create a prototype that can connect to a database of recipes. We found that Adobe XD had a range of plug-ins that supports spreadsheets. So we built a comprehensive database with images, dish names, ingredients that can link to a UI prototype.

We also used kivy module on python to construct a basic user interface that can resize automatically on Windows, Mac, and Android. To build the database of recipes, we used beatifulsoup4 and lxml to build a web scraper that collects recipe information from three recipe websites.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble with installing modules on python and learning to use all the modules. Adobe XD is a relatively easier design tool to use, but connecting the prototype to a database requires accuracy and numerous time of trial and error.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first Adobe XD project and seeing it functioning ( swipe gesture, interactive and switching layouts) is quite satisfying. Being able to set aside 24 hours and learn a new module of python is exciting.

What I learned

In this project, Chloe learned the user design aspect through Adobe XD, inserting a database through Google Sheet plugin and branding (logo, color scheme, and typography). Wenting: building a GUI with python.

What's next for Foodie Goodie

We will work on it so that there can be more selection of food and filtering the portion, dietary restrictions. There is also a possibility of working with existing grocery apps (eg Flipp) to give users more choices.

Built With

  • adobe-xd
  • bs4
  • kivy
  • lxml
  • python
  • sheets
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