We love food! EVERYONE loves food! Our inspiration came from wanting to cook new food from different recipes whenever we wanted. A few of us are in boy scouts, and we cook periodically in camping trips and outings. We also love to cook for the family, and we thought that it would be great to create a platform in which people could take a picture of a food they like, and learn how to cook it with their nutritional preferences.

What it does

Foodi an android mobile application developed to help find recipes for desired foods that you want to eat. You can simply state your nutritional guidelines (any allergies you have and dietary restrictions). Then, you can take an image of a food you want, and you can find hundreds of recipes for that particular food, and these recipes will take into account your nutritional guidelines. Then you know what to shop for, in order to make the food you desire. If you like a recipe, you can save it on your favorites list as well! Say you are at a restaurant and you really enjoy the minestrone soup served, you can make you own in your house by taking a picture of the soup!

How we built it

We built this android mobile application

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we ran into included finding an appropriate recipe API to use for our application, as well as parsing the JSON file so we can get the ingredients of the recipe that the user searches for.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments that we are proud of are that this is the best our team has done in terms of following up with an application idea (from the beginning of the hackathon). We had an idea, and our idea did not change over time, as we worked hard to follow through with our idea and accomplish all of the goals we had in mind for the application. This was also the most effective chemistry our team has had together. We worked together in pairs to work on the UI and backend. At the end, all 4 of us worked together to connect and integrate the UI and backend together. Overall, we were able to accomplish the construction of our android mobile application since we worked hard effectively, and followed through with our idea, showing our improvements from previous hackathons, where we had to change the idea last minute when parts of our code did not work.

What we learned

We learned how to successfully run a http request and parse JSON data to get the data we need and want to give to the users. The struggles we went through helped us learn new skills.

What's next for Foodi

Our next goal for Foodi is to be able to recognize more complex foods, especially with foods that have different toppings or types of vegetables/meat. For example, we would like Foodi to be able to recognize between a beef quiche, and a chicken quiche (distinguish between the meats).

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