925 million people are starving globally. Yet the 1.3 billion tons of food we waste would be enough to feed 3 billion people. We also learnt that 53% of food waste comes from households. There is a common misconception that "best by" dates correlate with health risks which leads to a lot of people throwing away food prematurely.

We believe that with our app users can form new habits that will lead to a sustainable world without food waste.

What it does

Trash or Cash is a web app that enables users to track their food waste and set goals to reduce it. Users can add items manually or upload an image which is recognised using computer vision. The user will then rate the condition of the item and see suggestions of how it could be alternatively used, for which the user earns virtual coins.

There is an overview page where users can see their progress and allows them to compare how "rich" they are compared to their friends.


Two of our key competitors are Olio and No Waste which are representative of of the two main categories of app that plan to solve food waste. Olio creates a network of neighbours and local retailers and enables them share food surplus.

No Waste lets users create an inventory with the help of a receipt and barcode scanner. Users will get expiration reminders and the app also has a meal-planning feature.

Our solution offers a new approach to the problem as its main aim is to help form new habits which have long lasting impact. It relies less on the network effect, users will see immediate benefit from using the service which makes it easier to scale it in the beginning. It also required less user interction than No Waste, leading to better UX.

How we built it

It consists of a React frontend and a Go backend.

Challenges we ran into

We had to leave Disrupt and go to the Betahaus coworking space to work on our project due to WiFi issues.

Accomplishments that we‘re proud of

We worked until late in the night.

What we learned

This is a hard market. There are lots of apps that have failed.

What's next for FoodHub

Improving the accuracy of the image recognition. Getting a customer base, involving businesses to use our product and partners where our users could redeem their virtual coins to incentivize them to create less waste.



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