Inspiration: Reduce food waste & easy cooking strategy: use existing ingredients in the fridge and provide a corresponding simple recipe to attract more people to cook with existing ingredients so that reduce food waste and promote a healthy diet. Popularise of intelligent home appliance: the potential to a partnership with   (Samsung smart fridge).

What it does: Provide dynamic recipe: 1) select ingredients that you have search, our app can provide a recipe and find out what you can make using these existing ingredients; (When you choose one main ingredient (e.g. beef), no other main ingredients will be selected by our search engine) 2) adjust portion based on how many serves you want to make Intelligent life: 1) built-in camera capturing food, user don't need to type ingredients; 2) reduce food waste 3) community: encourage users to upload their own recipes

How we built it: Mainly Android Studio  

Problems we encountered and What we learned: Firstly of all, our team was having trouble making a common decision together at the beginning of the UniHack as we are trying to build a menu app which allows users to utilise their existing food materials to cook something tasty. The team had conflict in where we should start, like whether we should design the basic layout for each page first or must we figure out all basic functions that this app must have first. And after about 20 mins discussion, we eventually came to a conclusion, three of our team members design the layout, and the other three think of the backend function. Good group coordination is essential for project success.

Another issue that we encountered is the shortage of time. Because it’s the first time for most of our team members to participate in this kind of competition, which is tense and exciting. It’s tough for us to create an app and build all the features that we planned to have. We stayed up late last night to code the app and were really tired. Perhaps next time we’d better prepare beforehand instead of starting on this project at the time when the UniHack begins.

Other than this, we had troubles in merging our work together, we have tried Github but for some of us have in pulling and pushing the work so it wasn’t easy for us to use it, to be honest. When I tried to deploy my part to another team member’s, the application crashed. We couldn’t figure out the reason behind, perhaps because of the version difference, mine is Slower than his, or the coding issue, we were not sure about that. But eventually we find a way to address this which is to work on parts together like one person does and push, then the other person pulls afterward. So thanks to this precious event, we have gained knowledge on how to use the GitHub more flexible and easier to manage our application.

Accomplishments that we are proud of: We tried to create an android mobile app within 24 hours, which is new to all of us. We provide user-friendly search bar so that user can either enter their ingredients or select from the popular ingredients that we provide. All of our recipes come from the famous chef or highly rated users, we build a community for our users.

What is next for Eatime Next, we will allow users to upload their own recipes so that this can help build a community for them to exchange different ideas. People can give comments to other people’s recipes We may set up some offline events The official recipes provided by us will have a cooking assistant, like a timer to tell people what and when they need to do

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