I was inspired primarily by my willingness to taste new dishes on vacations and the book Cosmopolitanism by Kwame Anthony Appiah, who introduced the significance of accepting and appreciating differences between different cultures. Additionally, I enjoy helping my mom cook lunch or dinner on some occasions and I wanted to create an application that would fulfill a purpose such as limiting the effort she spends finding recipes on the internet.

What it does

Users can either view the features of the website as "guests" or they can log in through their google accounts. Clicking "Starting Exploring!" will take them to a page with a world map. Clicking on a region such as Africa will direct them to a separate subpage regarding the continent or the region. They can then browse some of the recipes found on that page.

How I built it

I first designed the html framework for the pages. Then I made areas of the maps clickable by using image mapping features. I added navigation bars to the pages corresponding to the different regions or subregions such that the user can return to the world map page or the home screen if they want to. Additionally, I added google authentication to the application such that users can log in to the application via their google accounts.

Challenges I ran into

The first roadblock I ran into involved the accuracy of image mapping. While regions such as "China" were mapped well, there were issues when mapping "Asia" and "Africa". For example, in order to access the "China" page you would have to click on the Indonesian Islands. Similarly, clicking on a country such as Kenya or Ethiopia would not direct you to the "East Africa" section of the "Africa" page. Lastly, I had difficulties integrating registration and login with both the sqlite and mySQL databases, causing me to resort to using google authentication to log users in. A relatively minor issue was having to refresh the page every time a different google account was used instead of my own.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For the most part, I'm satisfied that my application can accomplish tasks such as finding sichuan recipes in China or finding recipes of North Africa. This app would be ideal for users who want to utilize the app for relatively rudimentary purposes.

What I learned

I learned about mapping images in order to make images such as maps clickable and although I was not able to accomplish complete integration of registration and log-in, I still enriched my knowledge on the basis behind that task. Also learned how to utilize materializecss effectively such that my application had a more aesthetic view.

What's next for FoodGlobal

I will try to integrate login and registration such that individuals can create "FoodGlobal" accounts. I will also add more recipes and allow users to add their own recipes into the database.

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