Not everyone is a Michelin chef, sometimes, we could just use a little help to make us click. FoodGen just needs to know what ingredients you have and it can use its creativity to suggest amazing, lit recipes to you. WIth FoodGen, everyone is a chef. Just tell it the ingredients you have and we will give you recipes and good looking photos of the food!

What it does

Returns the picture of the food and link to a recipe.

How we built it

Using Chatfuel and a database of food linked to their ingredients and pictures.

Challenges we ran into

Rule-based AI required us to hard code each one

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The virtual assistant will stimulate your appetite. It looks not bad.

What we learned

We had fun! Making a Chatbot isn't that hard

What's next for FoodGen

Generating a larger database to make it work for more type of food, including food like rendeng!!

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