Inspiration s

We saw a twitter video that illustrated how many waste restaurants in North America. We figured we had a way to treat these concerns of food insecurity and sustainability as those are two important crisis in our world

What it does

The app allows individuals to view restaurants that have indicated edible food leftover and save a space for a serving at the restaurant. It also allows restaurants to make food they have not sold available

How we built it

We used Figma for the wireframes of the app and react-native to develop a mobile app to enable this experience. We used Firebase /Firestore for the login information and firestore to store the information of the restaurants

Challenges we ran into

Our app had periods of low performance which made us stall a little bit at maximizing this feature. However, we used mini testing to rectify this. We also faced the challenge of having a solution that didn't risk the business of the restaurants due to the potential of lawsuits due to food poisoning. We also had challenges as a result of the QR code scanning feature of the app which required the user granting permissions which is a slightly difficult process

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to design a robust app that created a secure system for the users of the app to receive food in the best possible time.

What we learned

We learned valuable skill in UI/IX design, backend languages like firebase from Google and react-native We also learned statistics about the number of food wastages per year in North America and noticed an avenue to make a change

What's next for FoodForAll

Having charts showcasing the progress towards sustainability the restaurants could be contributing Looking for a system regarding the time limit that efficiently feeds their users.

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