We were inspired to create this app after noticing that there is a lot of food leftover after catered events on Claremont McKenna's Campus. There are currently many Facebook pages where CMC students post about leftover food but we wanted to aggregate all of the events with leftover food on one platform so that students who might not have enough meal swipe will not have to skip meals.

What it does

Users (club organizers) have the ability to upload descriptions of their leftover food and can also add the location that the food is at. These new entries are then uploaded to our home page.

How we built it & Challenges we ran into

We experimented with a number of methods using Swift and XCode. First, we attempted to build the application using Swift's Story Board functionality but found it to be limiting in its abilities to collaborate via GitHub. We then created an MVP using Swift without the Story Board, intentionally removing it from the system and writing everything from scratch in Swift. Believing we could still improve the app in its functionality and design, we then completed a number of full tutorials in SwiftUI to attempt to improve our application. However, we were not able to integrate the elements we needed in time. Our last attempt to improve the application was to use the Story Board once more but ran into the same issues that we had in the beginning in addition to having an inability to customize the app to the degree that we needed. Before submitting we assessed all of our versions (of which we have about twelve) and found that our second, the one we built entirely in Swift without the Story Board, was our best iteration. We pulled from that repository and improved a few functionalities before arriving to this version.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

AthenaHacks is all of our first hackathon! We entered this hackathon without any experience in Swift or XCode. We are really proud of having learned how to code in a new language within 24 hours and test applications on XCode. Our "crash course" in Swift led us to troubleshoot a number of common errors, understand Story Board, SwiftUI, and plain Swift. We are all excited to continue developing apps in Swift and know we could never be as ready as we are now without all of the struggles this weekend! W

What we learned

We learned how to code in Swift, navigate XCode, deploy apps onto an external iPhone for testing, and understand Story Board and SwiftUI.

What's next for foodfinderfinal

Jennifer and Annalee are excited to continue to build Food Finder for their university, taking what they learned at this hackathon and improve the functionality and design of the idea. Nancy is excited to continue building in Swift as well and will continue in her CS degree. She is really passionate about web dev and backend development. She plans to attend many more hackathons after AthenaHacks (and so are Jennifer and Annalee)!

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