The world produces enough food to keep everyone alive today well fed. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, we have enough food to feed 10 billion people1. However, this food doesn’t get to everyone because of the wasteful behaviours of some. This waste starts from the level of the farmer to us, the consumers.

What it does

FoodFill is one stop solution for those who are willing to donate food and those who needs food. If you want to donate food then simply you have to fill a form, now the details you filled will be displayd to the needy people who want food and they will directly contact you. So our platform is very easy to use and it is fast and efficient.

How we built it

We use MERN stacks to build this amazing project.

Challenges we ran into

We faced many hurdles while building this project like we face difficulties in React hooks but through teamwork and lots of research we managed to solve this problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very much proud of the fact that our project will be used by the needy people in their day to day lives.

What we learned

We learned the importance of food in our life. While working on this project we learned about time management and team work.

What's next for FoodFill

In future if possible then we will try to implement this project in real world. and help more and more people

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