Our inspiration came from the moment we saw the food thrown away next to the overflowing waste bins. In this moment we thought that there must be a way to prevent this from happening.

We made a web-based platform, which gives people ideas for recipes to make, based on products they have bought from the supermarkets due to the need to stay at home for long periods during the current Covid-19 pandemic. In this way they would throw away less food, because they will know how to use it in an optimal way.

In order to build our web-based platform Foodeta, we used GO for our backend,and Wordpress for our front-end.

The challenges we ran into included data collection on different products, deciding how the website will look like and what technologies for backend development need to be used.

We're proud of our idea, of what we have achieved so far, of the level of teamwork in our group and of being fast and efficient.

We learned that it might be easy to have an idea (such as saving the world during the crisis), but it is far more difficult to think of something feasible and turn it into a real product - a web platform in our case - in a few days.

Our plans for the future of Foodeta.com include adding more products in our database and introducing usbaility testing. We could translate it in different languages and add recipes from all over the world so that we enlarge the scope. We plan to introduce the opposite idea as well - suggest products to buy based on recipes people want to make and therefore make their shopping easier. We would like to make our project sustainable by working with grocery delivery companies, as well as influencers to make it widely known. This is a platform that could be used even after the pandemic crisis and still help the global problem of food waste.

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