story of maggi and nestle inspired and motivated for this project

What it does

it asks for your food items u use on daily basis and then keeps the track on the listed food items and keeps u update for any policy change or any news of that products and informs u. it also gives sentimental analysis of product.

How I built it

we divided the work into two parts first web-app and second web crawling and ML . one of us was continuously working whole night to develop good user design front-end as well as back-end . on the other half another guy was struggling hard to create ML model to classify food search and crawling for datasets.

Challenges I ran into

the most difficult and brain storming part was to look for data create food engine and ironical we failed on front-end design miserably .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we are proud on the whole work we put together and on our team work skills , which we think are not that bad as we thought . and definitely a boost in our confidence.

What I learned

patience , create thinking , collaboration with other teams , team work and polished coding skills .

What's next for FOOD_engine

1) speed is factor on which we will definitely look upon 2) our searching algorithm 3) UI and UX 4) accuracy 5) personal recommendation message

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